Korean Language Program
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Admission Schedule                

  • The period for Application
    From July 1(Thu) to July 6(Tue), 2021
    All Application Documents should be submitted during this period. Foreigners have to submit application form by registered mail or visiting to Univ.
  • Admission Examination
    Admission Decision depends on documentation test score.  Documentation test: Documentation test evaluates by reviewing the Application Form including the application documents and the letter of recommendation. The Office of Graduate School
    Academic Affairs may request additional materials to review, if necessary.
    (Interview if necessary. Interview : face to face, telephone(Video), etc.)
  • Announcement of Admission Result  : July 23(Fri), 2021 (The result will be notified individually.)
  • Registration Period : From July 26(Mon) to 30(Fri), 2021.

Admission Procedures

The entire admission process of Graduate School is as follows.
  • Applicants submit a completed application packet.
  • The Graduate Program Committee makes a decision on success or failure.
  • The Office of Graduate School Academic Affairs notifies successful candidates.
  • Successful candidates register in the program of study.

Admission Examination

Admission Decision depends on documentation test score.
  • Documentation test: Documentation test evaluates by reviewing the Application Form including the application documents and the letter of recommendation. The Office of Graduate School Academic Affairs may request additional materials to review, if necessary.

The period for Application

  • Twice each year (Spring Semester : April~May, Fall Semester : October~December)
  • All Application Documents should be submitted during this period.

Application Documents

  • A completed Application Form (a fixed document) with 1 photo (3 × 4cm)
  • A Certificate of bachelor's degree (or certificates of expected graduation)
  • A Certificate of master's degree (or certificates of expected graduation) ( for Doctoral Degree )
  • An Official Transcript from Undergraduate School
  • An Official Transcript from Graduate School (for Doctoral Degree)
    ※ In cases where no total average GPA of the applicant and maximum score or grading system is listed on the transcript, please submit proof about these actors from the University where you graduated.
  • Education Record Request with seal or stamp from the previous institution where you graduated. (included in the Application Form )
  • Release of Information Form(included in the Application Form)
  • A Recommendation Letter from the adviser or the Department Chair of the Univ. where the applicant graduated.
  • TOPIK grade of at least 3rd grade issued at NIIED(National Institute for International Education) or A certificate of Korean language fluency at least 4rd grade issued at Korea Aerospace University Institute of international Culture and Education. Alternatively, the applicant can opt to submit one of TOEFL score(Internet-based) of at least 83, IELTS score of at least 5.5 or TEPS score of at least 579 .
  • A copy of the applicant's passport
  • Copies of each parent's passports
  • A Heath & Medical Clearance Form (included in the Application Form)
  • Certificate of applicant’s or applicant’s parents’ bank balance with at least USD 20,000 or RMB 80,000 or 20,000,000KRW
  • Admission Recommendation Form(a fixed document) (Only for those admitted by KAU faculty recommendation)       

     Fall Semester, 2021 Graduate
    Admissions for Foreign Students

     Application Form graduate



    * All documents should be original

    ※ Those who graduated from overseas universities or graduate schools (except for Chinese applicants) should submit their certificate of graduation with an Apostille or an official endorsement from the Korean consulate (or embassy) in the applicant’s home country. The transcript must be notarized in Korean or English.

    If a student has a degree from any of Chinese universities, the student must submit the certificate of Chinese degree from the sites below. Issuance of the certificate will take at least a month.(www.chsi.com.cn or www.cdgdc.edu.cn)       

Documents for Issuing a Certificate of Admission

Issuance of Admission Certificate (to be submitted to the Immigration Office)
Students must submit the below documents additionally to the Immigration office after notice of admission.
Students should prepare the documents in advance.
  • Passport and alien registration card
  • Certificate of applicant’s or applicant’s parents’ bank balance with at least 13,000,000KRW in a Korean bank account
  • Original Certificate of graduation and transcript issued by the most recent school attended, Certificate of final academic background and original copy of official transcript
  • (Original Academic Record Verification for Chinese School graduates)
  • English notarized ‘Hokoubu’ with all family members listed or notarized family relations certificate
  • Certificate of Korean language course Enrollment including attendance rate (for D-4 visa holders)
  • Certificate of tuition fee payment
  • Proof of current residence (contract or certificate of dormitory residence, etc.)

Announcement of Qualified Applicants

Initial Registration

  • Admission candidates must register in a specified period. Upon registration, the student is entitled to all the rights of a graduate student, and the whole admission procedure ends.
  • A registration period will be announced after the Announcement of Qualified Applicants.

Other Notifications

  • All necessary documents for applicant should be original and written in Korean or English except a copy of the passport and alien registration card. The documents written in foreign languages except Korean or English must be submitted along with the public notary copies translated in Korean.
  • The admission permit will be revoked if candidate's documents are found to be false or counterfeit, and if the candidate is revealed to have been admitted improperly.
  • A foreigner who wants to stay in Korea longer than 90 days with a student visa must register at a district or branch immigration office in Korea which has jurisdiction over his/her place of sojourn within 90 days (Foreign Residents Card).
  • After admission, all students are subject to the Graduate School Regulation and Laws.
  • Admission results will be announced on the Graduate School web site.
  • Academic Information
    • Academic Calendar
      • Class weeks per Semester: 15 weeks
      • Summer Vacation: Mid June ~ End of August
      • Winter Vacation: Mid December - End of February(Next Year)
    • Insurance(Mandatory)
      • Health insurannce is obligatory for all international students who are accepted into Korea Aerospace University
      • Telephone: International Office (02-300-0357 / hsk@kau.ac.kr)
    • Dormitory
      • Dormitory fee(15 weeks) : 827,000 KRW(Quad Room)/1,527,000 KRW(Double Room)
        * meals are not included
      • Application: To be notified after a successful candidate announcement
      • Telepone: Dormitory Office (02-300-0436)


The university operates a scholarship system to offer financial aid to students. In order to receive these scholarships, students must get outstanding academic and research achievement. The university's scholarship system abides by all university regulations and relevant laws.        

Sort of Scholarship Amount of Scholarship Method of Selection
Special Scholarship for foreigner 50% of Tuition fee foreign stduents
Teaching Assistant Scholarship 20% of Tuition fee Assigned by department office
Researching Assistant Scholarship 40% of Tuition fee
Labor Assistant Scholarship Certain Amount Assigned by department office

Tuition Fees

Entrance fee Tuition fee Sum
Master, Doctor
Engineering KRW 744,000 6,014,000 6,758,000
USD 744 6,014 6,758
Sciences KRW 744,000 5,508,000 6,252,000
USD 744 5,508 6,252
Humanities & Society KRW 744,000 4,647,000 5,391,000
USD 744 4,647 5,391

※ Tuition fees must be paid in won(KRW).
※ 1USD = 1,000KRW
※ It can be changed because above amount is of 2019 fall semester


  • Application Fee: Master Degree (70,000 Korean Won), Doctoral Degree (70,000 Korean Won)
  • Telephone: +82-2-300-0304
  • Internet Homepage: http://www.ilovemyveteran.com
  • E-mail address: sonpower@kau.ac.kr
  • Address: 76 Hanggongdaehak-ro, Deokyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, 10540 Office of Graduate School Academic Affairs Korea Aerospace University