SEO Case Study: Mobile App

Executive Summary is the one-stop information shop for food allergy parents and caretakers. When it was started in 2017, there was little content on the site and, as a new startup, very few in-house resources to drive readers to the site.

Careful Feet Digital offered SEO consultancy services to help the in-house team develop an SEO strategy that would drive readers to the site, improve inbound traffic, visitor dwelling time, and (after the Spokin app launched) conversions to download the Spokin app.

SEO Case Study Web Analytics

“Working with Khaleelah helped us increase our digital presence and drive traffic to our website – our main goal for the time we worked together.”

Challenges was a startup on a mission to change the lives of food allergy parents and caregivers. Starting with a website aimed at offering up-to-date information on parenting children with food allergies, the beta version of the concept was around generating a large amount of information that would improve Spokin’s brand recognition as an expert in the field, and then launch an app a year later. However, Spokin immediately ran into trouble generating a critical mass of website traffic, particularly when it came to competing against websites such as the ACAAI, CDC and WebMD.

Prior to working with Careful Feet Digital, Spokin was publishing a few articles on their blog each week based on trending news topics and stories. The founder would then post publishing announcements on her personal social media, and boost posts on the Spokin Facebook page.

SEO Case Study Site Traffic Analytics

How Careful Feet Digital Helped

Careful Feet Digital started working with Spokin in the winter of 2017 to assist in growing Spokin’s inbound website traffic from organic search. At the time, Spokin did not rank on the first page for any food allergy-related terms. The search performance was heavily branded, meaning most of its ranked search results had to do with its business name,

SEO Case Study Organic v Paid Traffic Stats

After technical, competitor and keyword audits, Careful Feet Digital enacted a holistic on- and off-site optimization strategy that increased’s page rankings for nut-free allergy search terms (the most popular allergy search terms), pushing Spokin to appear on the first page of search results for said relevant terms.

SEO Case Study Page Rank Stats now outranks most of its competitors. is now is able to convert those who come to the website in search of credible information into users of its popular food allergy app.